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Drager Alcotest & DrugCheck

In 1953 Dräger broke new ground with its first ‘Alcotest’. A roadside testing tube which would allow police to immediately know if a driver was under the influence of alcohol. Now, some 70 years later, the Alcotest and DrugCheck products are some of the most popular devices in Australia and around the world.

Whether it’s the renowned Alcotest for alcohol detection or the highly capable DrugCheck devices for drug screening, Dräger’s rich history of delivering accurate and reliable testing solutions ensures that safety remains a top priority. Explore our website to learn more about these exceptional products and how they have transformed the landscape of alcohol and drug testing.


The revolutionary design of the ToxWipe took the Australian drug testing market by storm in 2016. With a simple all in one design of collecting saliva and reading results from the same device. Intuitive to use and no need for shaking, squeezing, or pressing. The ToxWipe will give reliable results without puzzling pieces together or positioning restrictions.

Take the guesswork out of collecting enough saliva and having to repeat saliva collection steps. The blue sample sufficiency indicator will let the user know when there is enough saliva to render accurate results.

Abbott SoToxa

Abbott Laboratories has a long history of innovation in the field of diagnostics and healthcare. The company was founded in 1888 by Dr. Wallace C. Abbott and initially focused on manufacturing and selling pharmaceuticals. Over the years, Abbott Laboratories expanded its portfolio to include a wide range of healthcare products, including diagnostic tests and medical devices.

The SoToxa drug test analyser was introduced by Abbott Laboratories in recent years to address the growing need for efficient and reliable drug testing solutions. The analyser is specifically designed for use by law enforcement agencies, workplace drug testing programs, and other organisations requiring rapid and on-site drug testing capabilities.


The SureStep range of urine drug testing kits have been popular in Australia for a long time, and for good reason. They provide users with reliable and cost effective results.