ToxWipe 6 Saliva Drug Test Kit

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  • Tests for AMP / COC / MET / OPI / OXY / THC
  • Single Use Tests Kits
  • Patented Collection Pad for Quick and Easy Collection
  • Made in America
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The revolutionary design of ToxWipe integrates sample collection and testing into one, easy-to-use device. Proprietary technology allows for results in 3-5 minutes making the ToxWipe ideal for on-site and roadside drug testing.

All In One Design
Collect saliva and read results from the same device. Intuitive to use and no need for shaking, squeezing, or pressing. The ToxWipe™ will give reliable results without puzzling pieces together or positioning restrictions.

Sample Sufficiency Indicator
Take the guesswork out of collecting enough saliva and having to repeat saliva collection steps. The blue sample sufficiency indicator will let the user know when there is enough saliva to render accurate results.

Australian Standards Compliant

The ToxWipe is a rapid screening device for the detection of multiple drugs of abuse in human saliva and is fully AS/NZS 4760:2019 standard compliant.

Cut Off Levels

Drug Group ToxWipe Abbreviation Cut Off Level
Amphetamine AM 50
Methamphetamine / MDMA ME 50 / 100
Benzoylecgonine (Cocaine) CO 50
Opiates OP 50
Oxycodone OX 40
Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (Cannabis) TH 15

Procedure For Use

Intended Use

  • The ToxWipe 6 is intended to for the qualitative detection of drugs of abuse in human saliva (oral fluid). The ToxWipe 6 tests for Amphetamines (AM), Opiates (OP), Cocaine (CO), Methamphetamine / MDMA (ME), Oxycodone (OX) and Marijuana / THC (TH).
  • ToxWipe is a rapid lateral flow immunoassay.
  • The ToxWipe provides a preliminary analytical test result only. Any not-negative test result should be confirmed by a NATA Accredited Laboratory in accordance with Section 5 of AS/NZS 4760:2019.


Testing Procedure

Allow the ToxWipe device to come up to room temperature (15°C – 30°C) prior to testing. The donor must not place anything in their mouth for 15 minutes prior to the test. This includes food, drink, gum and tobacco products.

  1. Remove the test kit from the foil package.
  2. Collect saliva sample as follows: Insert the collection pad into mouth. Actively swab around the gums and tongue for stimulation before placing the collection pad under the tongue to aid in specimen collection. When sufficient saliva has been collected to run the test the blue line at the bottom of the left test window will disappear / start to wick up. The saliva specimen should only touch the absorbent pad area. Do not swipe the test at any point above the visible outer collection pad.
  3. Once the blue indicator line is wet / wicking, use the corner of the device tip to puncture the middle of the cover of the sealed cavity (see step 3). Push the collection pad of the test device all the way in. Place the test device on a flat surface and set a timer for 5 minutes.
  4. Read the test results at 3-5 minutes. If all lines are visible at 3 minutes then the test can be interpreted as negative and discarded. If any results appear positive (not-negative) at 3 minutes, then wait a further 2 minutes and re-read the results, this should be the final result.

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