Workplace Breathalysers

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  • Alcotest Mobile Bluetooth Printer

    $795.00 + GST
  • Alcotest 5000 Passive Breathalyser

    $855.00 + GST
  • Alcotest 6000 Workplace Breathalyser

    $895.00 + GST
  • Alcotest 7000 Workplace Breathalyser

    $1,795.00 + GST
  • Alcotest 7000 Workplace Breathalyser Value Pack

    $2,695.00 + GST


Welcome to Drug Test Warehouse’s comprehensive selection of Workplace Breathalysers, designed to meet the stringent demands of various industries. Our cutting-edge breathalyser devices are trusted by professionals in workplaces, medical centres, and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Discover why our range of handheld breathalysers stands out as the pinnacle of accuracy, reliability, and compliance.

Workplace Testing Excellence

In the realm of workplace safety, ensuring safety among employees is paramount. Drug Test Warehouse offers a range of workplace breathalysers tailored to meet the unique needs of your organisation. Whether you are a small or large business, a medical facility, or part of a law enforcement team, our handheld breathalysers are your ideal solution.

Global Law Enforcement Endorsement

Our reputation extends to police organisations across the globe. Trusted by law enforcement agencies in various countries, our breathalysers have become synonymous with precision and credibility. These devices are indispensable tools for officers on the front lines of ensuring public safety.

Australian Standard AS 3547 Compliance

At Drug Test Warehouse, we prioritise compliance with the highest industry standards. All our workplace breathalysers adhere to the rigorous Australian Standard AS 3547, assuring you of their accuracy and reliability. This commitment to quality means you can trust our devices to provide precise and consistent results every time.

Fuel Cell Technology: The Gold Standard

Our breathalyser sensor technology is second to none, featuring state-of-the-art fuel cell technology. Widely regarded as the gold standard in handheld breathalyser technology, our devices provide unmatched accuracy and sensitivity. This ensures that you can rely on our products for the most precise alcohol testing results available.

Why Choose Drug Test Warehouse?

  • Expertise: With years of experience serving diverse industries, we understand your unique needs and can recommend the right breathalyser for your specific application.
  • Quality Assurance: Our commitment to quality means you can trust our devices to perform reliably, every time.
  • Compliance: We take compliance seriously, and our devices meet the highest industry standards, including Australian Standard AS 3547.

Ensure the safety and integrity of your workplace or organisation with Drug Test Warehouse’s range of Workplace Breathalysers. Trust in our expertise, precision, and commitment to quality, and make the smart choice for alcohol testing today.