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  • Alcotest 5000 / 7000 Hygienic Flow Funnel

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Breathalyser mouthpieces and accessories by Drug Test Warehouse are compatible with famous alcohol testing devices such as Drager Alcotest models, Alcolizer HH3, HH4, LE4, LE5 devices, and the Lion SD-4000. Our mouthpieces are perfect for personal use, workplace testing, or professional-grade instruments. When paired with a rightly calibrated device, these mouthpieces ensure accurate, hygienic, and reliable breath tests instantly.

Types of Breathalyser Mouthpieces

We offer these two types of breathalysers:

Disposable Breathalyser Mouthpieces

Disposable mouthpieces are single-use, and are suitable for testing multiple individuals in the workplace, law enforcement, roadside testing and public events. The individually wrapped pieces ensure the highest level of hygiene with every test.

Reusable Breathalyser Mouthpieces

Reusable mouthpieces are designed for personal use or in situations where testing the same individual multiple times is necessary. These mouthpieces are durable and can be cleaned and sanitised between uses. 

Benefits of Breathalyser Mouthpieces

Our mouthpieces have multiple benefits like: 


Our high quality mouthpieces are designed to attain accurate readings. These mouthpieces perfectly fit Drager Alcotest, Lion SD-4000, Alcolizer LE 5 and many other famous brands. 


We have the option of reusable and disposable mouthpieces to maintain the standards of hygiene. Disposable mouthpieces eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, while reusable ones must only be used by one person to maintain hygiene standards.


Our breathalyser mouthpieces are designed for easy use, which enhances the overall user experience. No matter if you’re using the mouthpieces for personal or commercial use, our mouthpieces are convenient and user-friendly.

How to Choose the Right Breathalyser Mouthpieces

Choosing the right mouthpiece depends on these factors: 


Ensure that the mouthpieces you choose are compatible with your specific breathalyser model. This guarantees accurate readings and proper functionality of the device.

Material Quality

Opt for mouthpieces made from high-quality, safe materials. This ensures durability and prevents any adverse reactions or health concerns from low-grade materials.

Brand Reputation

You don’t want to risk getting bad results from a non-reliable brand. Select mouthpieces from reputable brands so you can get accurate results, fast shipping, and awesome customer support.

Choose The Best Breathalyser Mouthpieces by Drug Test Warehouse 

Our breathalyser mouthpieces are suitable for personal use, workplace testing, or professional-grade instruments. Our mouthpieces are compatible with Drager Alcotest personal breathalyser devices, Drager Alcotest workplace models including the Alcotest 6000 and Alcotest 7000, Alcolizer HH3, HH4, LE4, and LE5 devices, and Lion SD-4000 breathalysers. Whether you’re a law enforcement agency, a healthcare professional, a safety officer, or a responsible citizen, choose our top-quality mouthpieces.  

FAQs About Breathalyser Mouthpieces

How often should I replace my breathalyser mouthpiece?

For professionals, change your mouthpiece after every test. For personal use, change the mouthpiece as required.  The Drager Alcotest 4000 mouthpiece can be washed in a standard dishwasher, just be sure to properly dry before using again. . 

Why is breathalyser calibration necessary?

Breathalyser calibration is necessary to get accurate and reliable alcohol test results.