Breathalyser Calibration And Service

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  • Calibration: Alcotest 6000

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    Calibration: Alcotest 4000

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    Calibration: Alcotest 3820

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  • Calibration: Alcotest 5820

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  • Calibration: Alcotest 5510

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  • Calibration: Alcotest 6820

    $125.00$134.00 + GST
  • Calibration: Alcotest 6510

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  • Calibration: Alcotest 5000

    $155.00$164.00 + GST
  • Calibration: Alcotest 7000

    $175.00 + GST
  • Calibration: Abbott SoToxa Drug Test Analyser

    $895.00 + GST

Why Is Calibration Important?

Over time, both  professional and  personal breathalysers  can be affected by environmental factors and drift from their original settings. This can cause the breathalyser to produce unreliable and inaccurate results. That is why calibrating a breathalyser is very important for maintaining the continuous accuracy of breathalysers.

Regular and professional calibration from Drug Test Warehouse makes sure that your device is accurate again and saves you from any legal trouble that can be caused by inaccurate alcohol test results at the workplace. And don’t forget, regular calibration extends the lifespan of your professional and personal breathalyser, so you end up saving money by reducing the need for replacements.

Handheld Breathalyser Calibration

Our professional team at Drug Test Warehouse is experienced in calibrating and servicing handheld personal and professional breathalysers like Drager Alcotest 4000. Our calibration and servicing is available for all Alcotest handheld breathalysers across Australia. 

Quality Breathalyser Service And Calibration In Australia

After 20 years in the game, our team at Drug Test Warehouse provides top-tier breathalyser service and calibration in Australia. Our expert team has years of experience in ensuring that the breathalysers are maintained to the highest standards, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability in every reading. 

Our commitment to quality and precision makes us the best in the game, trusted by businesses and individuals nationwide. Whether you need to calibrate your personal or professional breathalyser, we have a solution for everyone!

Why Choose Us

When there are plenty of calibration services in Australia, we give you some solid reasons to get your breathalysers calibrated from us. 

Professional Services: Our team is trained to calibrate and service all Alcotest breathalysers. 

Same Day Service: We will receive, calibrate and dispatch your breathalyser back to you in the same day!

Discreet Packaging Options: Don’t want to raise eyebrows of employees or the courier? We offer discreet packing options, just select it on checkout.


How often do breathalysers need to be calibrated?

Generally, breathalysers need to be calibrated every 12 months to continue producing accurate results.  

What happens if you don’t calibrate a breathalyser?

If you don’t have your breathalyser calibrated regularly, the test result will be inaccurate and unreliable.