Alcotest Mobile Bluetooth Printer

$795.00 + GST

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​The Alcotest Mobile Bluetooth Printer facilitates wireless printing from any compatible Alcotest device within a 15-metre radius. You secure the small, lightweight mobile printer to your belt with a retaining clip. It is easy to operate, using only two buttons. Illuminated symbols provide you with information about the status of the device.

Simply position the printer within range of the Alcotest device as the situation requires: whether up-close or further away.

​The Alcotest Mobile Bluetooth Printer uses near field communication (NFC) technology. To pair it with another NFC-compatible device, simply hold the two Bluetooth devices up to each other.

The printer weighs only 250 grams (including battery and paper), so it can easily be carried on a utility belt. Now, you can make printouts any time without having to interrupt your workflow.

​The device is extremely easy to operate, using only two buttons: the OK button switches the printer on and off. The other button controls the paper feeder. Push both buttons simultaneously to perform a self-test on the printer. The three illuminated LED symbols indicate the current status of the device: error messages, battery charge level and Bluetooth® connectability.

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