Alcotest Workplace Mouthpieces

$65.00 + GST

  • Standard Alcotest Mouthpiece for Workplace Models
  • Individually Wrapped
  • Available in Bags of 100
  • For use with Alcotest 3000, 5510, 5820, 6000, 6510, 6810, 6820, 7000, 7510
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The sophisticated product design, which has been tried and tested a million times over, offers all the prerequisites for a quick, simple and hygienic breath alcohol analysis:

  • The individually packed mouthpieces are connected to each other in a chain and can be separated at a perforation. An additional perforation for opening each individual packaging ensures that the mouthpieces can be placed hygienically without coming into direct contact with the mouth contact area.
  • The contour of the Slide’n’click mouthpieces with the grooved pressure surface intuitively enables correct fixation, even in the dark — either from the left or from the right (depending on the design of the mouthpiece holder on the device side). The mouthpieces audibly click into place during this process. After mouthpiece replacement, the Alcotest device is immediately ready for use again..
  • The mouthpieces are positioned to the specially shaped grip area of the Alcotest units so that a safe, hygienic distance can be maintained between the operator’s hands and the test subject.
  • A spacer on the mouthpieces prevents the lips of the test person from coming into contact with the device housing. Basically, a sample delivery at a 90° angle between the operator and the test person is possible. This prevents the operator from having the sample blow onto them.
  • After the test procedure, the mouthpieces can be easily and cleanly removed from the device with a flick of the finger on the spacer.
  • For increased hygiene, the Slide’n’click mouthpieces with a non-return valve is also available.
  • The material has been tested for skin sensitivity and cytotoxicity, confirming that the standard mouthpieces are safe for skin contact and mouth use.

Compatible Devices

The Dräger Alcotest Workplace Breathalyser Mouthpieces are compatible with the following devices:

Please note these breathalyser mouthpieces are not compatible with the Alcotest 3820 personal breathalyser, Alcotest 4000 personal breathalyser, Alcotest 5000 passive breathalyser or Alcotest 9510 evidential breathalyser.

Not sure which model of Dräger breathalyser you have? Contact our customer service team and we will be happy to help!

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Industry Order Codes

  • IMPA Code: 331219 (Order 10 bags for quantity)

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