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Calibration is crucial for the proper functioning and accuracy of any breathalyser, including the Dräger Alcotest 4000.

This device is designed to measure blood or breath alcohol concentration (BAC/BrAC) in individuals, making it an essential tool for personal users. Calibration ensures that the breathalyser provides precise and consistent readings.

The accuracy of a breathalyser, like the Alcotest 4000 is dependent on its ability to measure breath alcohol content correctly. Over time, factors such as environmental conditions, wear and tear, and exposure to various substances can affect the instrument’s sensitivity and performance. Calibration involves adjusting the device to a standard reference point, typically a known concentration of alcohol vapour. This process helps eliminate any deviations or inaccuracies that may have developed during regular use. Calibration, therefore, acts as a safeguard against potential errors, ensuring that the breathalyser remains a trustworthy tool for assessing alcohol impairment.

Manufacturers like Dräger provide specific guidelines regarding the frequency and procedures for calibration to meet these standards. Adhering to these recommendations ensures the device’s accuracy.

How often does my Alcotest 4000 need to be calibrated? To comply with AS 3547:2019 and Dräger’s recommendations, the Alcotest should be calibrated by an authorised service agent every 365 days or 12 months.

Will my Dräger personal breathalyser become in-accurate close to the calibration date? No, your Alcotest 4000 breathalyser will continue to provide accurate results when used in accordance with the instructions for use, right up until the calibration due date.

Who can calibrate my Dräger 4000 breathalyser? Drug Test Warehouse are a proud Dräger partner and have been fully trained by Dräger to provide professional breathalyser calibration services in Australia.

Can I calibrate my breathalyser at home using vodka? No, breathalyser calibration requires specialist equipment, software and gases.

How long does calibration take? Drug Test Warehouse offer industry leading same day calibration on the Alcotest 4000 device provided it is delivered to us before 12 noon.

Does the Dräger Alcotest use a semiconductor or fuel cell sensor? The Dräger Alcotest uses a high quality fuel cell sensor for accurate readings.

How can I purchase a calibration for my Alcotest breathalyzer? Alcotest 4000 calibration can be purchased via the following link: